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Have you ever seen people engaging in endless debates about what editor do real developers use? Sure you have. You might have even read the xkcd classic on the topic:

I'm sure you've been part of this discussion too.

I'm sure it's not much of a breaking news for you, that this is mostly a religious debate. Talking about it is just as pointless as trying to convince atheists about the existence of God, or vice versa.

That being said, I'd like to go further. Lately I've been hearing people debating about how much of an idiots are those who use vim instead of using an IDE and vice versa. You can go on and on about the wonderful features of Eclipse or InteliJ but you might easily get laughed at in certain circles for not knowing that modern vim versions support most of those things too. You might argue, that IDEs are slow, and can not be effectively used through an SSH link, and be called an idiot for that. You may even start a debate about how mode less mouse based software are for non technical people who can't keep in mind which key does what in which mode, and if they are in the right mode. Eventually someone will tell you that real programmers like modes, because they are effective, and he would be just as wrong as right.

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Remote editing

To achieve maximal productivity it is very important to choose the right tools for editing your code, and find the configuration that works best for you. When coding on a remote server one has several choices, but each has it's drawbacks. Let's sum up the possibilities.

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