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The scary thing about being a developer

The other day we watched the movie Sully with my wife. First of all, it's a great movie, you should watch it, here is the trailer for you:


Warning: there are spoilers ahead from the movie, but if you know the original story from the news, then you won't hear anything that you didn't know before.

In the movie there is a pivotal moment as the air-traffic controller realizes that he lost US Airways Flight 1549 over the Hudson river. At first he does not want to believe what he hears as captain Chesley Sullenberger says "Can't do it, we're gonna be in the Hudson" before the radio goes silent. Given the horrible track record of jets breaking to smithereens during a water landing, he assumed that the 155 souls he lost are now heading towards imminent death.

After leaving the theatre we discussed this scene at length with my wife. Here is the essence of where the discussion was heading:


Click for larger image

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Stare dad stirkes

Last week we had our 4th Coderetreat in Budapest with about 15 participants. This time I was an organizer along with Athos, and we decided to advertise the event at several different meetups. While preparing slides for the talks we realized that on one of the slides we had some free space we could not really fill... so we came up with the idea of putting an image macro there. And that's how Uncle Bane was born:

Uncle Bob will probably approve this message...

That kind of unleashed an entire flow of crazy meme ideas, so I decided to popularize the Coderetreat event by posting these memes on the groups Facebook page. (Check them here.) The meme that turned out to be the most successful was this one:

Stare dad

That's exactly how I'd react...

Face palm, face desk, and ....

This one is not one of my usual posts, but a bit of fun can't hurt sometimes. My colleague - Balint - is responsible for the idea, and my fiancée put it together. I'm just sharing it because I think it's funny.

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A night train of thought

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Real life examples...

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Stuck behind a bus

Okay... I'm terrible at drawing, but I just couldn't stand making this comic below. (My first ever...)

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Good Code

I came across this comic, and since I really liked it, thought I would share it here:

Good Code

Go and check out the rest of XKCD comics.

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